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Incoming Erasmus Students





Do you want to explore Spain and the Spanish educational system? Do you want to work on your CV, networking, cultural and language skills while studying with students from all over the world and live in a city that never sleeps? Good! You are welcome to La Salle University.


Madrid has over three million inhabitants from all over the world and the city is full of life. The city has a beautiful centre with thousands of cafés, restaurants, shops, bars and parks. The city offers something for everyone, weather you are interested in art, sports, nightlife, history or culture. The university is located a short bus ride from the main station of Moncloa and is easily accessible from the city centre.

La Salle has a focus on practical education and offers both theoretical lessons as well as practice during your exchange. Courses are carried out in Social work, Health studies and Education. La Salle University in Madrid belongs to a global network of La Salle university's that expend over 80 countries and one million students.  


The application process

If you want to become an Erasmus student at La Salle there should exist an agreement between your University and La Salle (please, check it here: LLP Erasmus Bilateral Agreements).

If you have been selected as an Erasmus student by your home university, procedure will be as follows:

  • Your home university should send your nomination to us (
  • Application Form:

1. Registration as user: Read the instructions and click here to register as a user.
2. Application form: Read the
instructions and click here to do your Application form.
*Important: Do not forget to choose La Salle Centro University as the host Faculty (do not choose the Education Faculty). 

Please send us your Learning Agreement signed and stamped by your home university. You can send it by post or email to:

La Salle Centro Universitario
Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
C/ La Salle 10

For any questions, please contact


The Erasmus Module

La Salle offers a 3-5 months Erasmus Module in English during the spring semester for those students who do not speak Spanish but are interested in studying at La Salle:

  • ​General information. 
  • Information about the Erasmus for Transmedia Narratives.
  • Information about the Erasmus for Education. 
  • Information about the Erasmus for Health. 
  • Information about the Erasmus for Social Sciences. 

This module includes a very special course called ACAI (International Academic Activities) about Health Education addressed to International and Spanish students from Faculty of Education and Health. (More info at presentation and academic guide).

If you want to take part in the courses that are taught in Spanish, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of Spanish. Search for courses in Spanish.


Additional information about La Salle and Madrid

You can find further information about academic and practical questions, as accommodation and persons to contact for different issues, at the International Students Guide: 



Interviews with our exchange students:



Ximena Hernandez - Mexico

What´s the best thing about La Salle University?

You become part of a big family, your classmates become your brothers and sisters because that is what defines our educational ambient. You learn how to live with the charisma of De La Salle and spread it to the world.

Why would you recommend other students to go on exchange, and to La Salle?

Because it would change how you see the world. By going on exchange, we become change agents. The main idea is that La Salle teaches us to be committed persons who help better the community. It is like we are a big family, I really like La Salle University.



Astrid Moons – Belgium

What´s the best thing about La Salle?

The school hours were really good, we could go to school and do our tasks and then visit some things in Madrid. The teachers were really nice and helpful if you had any questions.

Why would you recommend other students to go on exchange, and to La Salle?

The school has great hours to go to school and that you also can visit some other things afterwards. The practice is also really nice, and everyone is very friendly. 


Thomas Donvil - Belgium

What´s the best thing about La Salle University?

I like the people at La Salle. I like the teachers and the students. Everyone is so nice to you. In Brussels, where I study, everyone is a bit distant. I don't have any contact with my classmates unless in class itself. After school everyone goes home and does their own thing but in La Salle it's different. Most of the times we get a coffee after school or go to the park, do something nice. I like that. Also, the teachers are closer to you. In Brussels it's like they are 'untouchable'. They seem to be a level higher than the students. In La Salle you get the feeling that everyone is equal. Teachers give you a kiss for example. That would be unacceptable in Belgium! In La Salle you really get the feeling you're one of them. It's easy to fit in this way. In Belgium I don't like going to class because everyone is a bit selfish. 

No one will help you take notes or anything but, in La Salle, it seems that everyone is always ready to help you!

Why would you recommend other students to go on exchange, and to La Salle?

Wow, where should I start. To begin with: if you go on exchange without friends or classmates, in the beginning you will feel a bit lonely, a bit lost. When you arrive at La Salle and you meet Maria (The international coordinator) for the first time, you will feel at home immediately! Throughout your exchange she's also always there for you, whatever your problem is. All the teachers are very nice and always willing to help you. I also liked the subjects we got. I learnt something more about sustainable development or ergonomics for example, things I didn't know anything about before. In general, La Salle is a small but very nice school. (Also, the food is really cheap and really good in the cafeteria 😉)

To go on exchange was probably the best decision I've ever made in my life. In the beginning I was a little homesick but the closer I'm getting to the end of my exchange, the more I want to stay in Madrid. It's fun to get to know other people and make friends from other countries. And one of the best parts of exchange for me is to get to know yourself in and out. You live differently here than at home. It's like growing up and becoming independent in a couple of months. I learnt to do the laundry, to iron, to cook… Things I wouldn't do at home because my mom would do it for me. So for everyone doubting to go on exchange: it's the best experience of your life!​​

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